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Person looking up at a glittery night sky


Check out my homepage to learn about why this blog exists and what I'm hoping to talk about soon! 

Blog posts will be coming soon, and I will update this section of the website when new content is posted! 

About Me

How It All Started

As a child, I watched the moon follow the car on almost every late night drive. I always wondered how such a large object so far away could stick with my car the entire drive home. When I finally learned the reason behind this phenomenon, I was amazed and continued to find more questions to ask as I looked up at the cosmos. This sparked a lifelong interest in the universe and exploring space. As I got older, learning about space became a hobby. Investing in a telescope finally led to my newfound passion of catching glimpses at planets close up. Exploring all that is unknown about space has fueled my soul and imagination. As I begin the journey of involving myself in the space industry as a young professional, I feel the desire to create this blog to express my passion creatively. I hope to one day leverage my passion for space in a career.